Lent 2019 – 40 Days for Life

40-days-for-lifeThe 40 Days for Life campaign has begun! Visit the 40 Days for Life web page to find locations in the Greater Philadelphia region and to sign up for days and times to witness outside an abortion center.

The official 40 Days for Life Podcast recently interviewed Dr. Monique Ruberu, OB/GYN, Pro-Life Union board member, and leader of Philadelphia’s 40 Days for Life campaign, to cover the following topics:

  • whether abortion is ever needed to preserve a mother’s health;
  • the absurdity of aborting children facing terminal prenatal diagnoses;
  • Dr. Ruberu’s experiences saving lives as the leader of the 40 Days for Life campaign in Philadelphia, PA;
  • and the lifesaving power of abortion pill reversal.

Podcast hosts Shawn Carney (40 Days for Life President and CEO) and Steve Karlen (40 Days for Life Campaign Director) talked with Dr. Ruberu to receive her medical and pro-life expertise as our nation encounters late-term abortion legislation.

Click here to listen to the entire interview online.

Click here for further information concerning the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia.