Click here: Peace Be With You for the Pregnancy Care Related Resource Booklet from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Office for Life and Family.

(courtesy of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia)

The Covid-19 virus has sidelined so many pro-life efforts, but we can still make an impact. Here are some things that we can all do to continue our mission for Life.

1. Pray!
-Pray that moms who are alone and afraid will feel the Lord’s power and love and will choose life for their babies.
-Pray that abortion workers will have a change of heart.
-Pray for the first responders who are saving lives.
-Pray for the medical personnel who are working tirelessly to preserve life.
-Pray for a cure to this pandemic and the pandemic of abortion.

2. Send emails, texts and letters to the Pa. Dept. of Health, and License and Inspections, and ask why abortion facilities do not have to comply with the Covid-19 regulations.

3. Donate to a local pregnancy home or pro-life organization. Donations are down due to the coronavirus and it’s imperative that these lifesaving organization stay alive!

4. Check in on elderly and disabled neighbors if you are able. Make sure they are not in need of basic supplies.

5. Be ready to volunteer your time and talent when the world reconvenes. Your help will be needed!