Our Parish History: A New Pastor

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To many of Saint Joseph’s parishioners, there was a void left in their lives by the death of their Founding Pastor, Rev. Francis J. Hennegan, one whom they looked upon as truly “Father.”  However, as happened many time in the past history of the Church and will continue to happen in the future history of the Church, God’s people would not be long without a shepherd and spiritual father.

Father Ward

Father Richard B. Ward

On September 2, 1969, a priest with many years experience, particularly seven years experience as a pastor, was appointed to Saint Joseph.  Rev. Richard Ward, the new pastor, brought with him his own unique personality and friendliness and took up where Father Hennegan had left off.  It was Father Ward’s duty to lead prayerfully and wisely his flock through the turbulent days of the post-Vatican II period.  With the assistance of the other priests, assistants and residents, the new liturgical reforms were further implemented in the parish.

Rev. Msgr. H. Glenn Bennett, resident priest at Saint Joseph since September 1965, was reassigned in June 1971 and Rev. Francis W. Gallagher, Saint Joseph’s Assistant Pastor since September 1966, was reassigned in November of the same year.

Fr Quinn

Father Edward L. Quinn

In January 1972, Rev. Edward Quinn was appointed Assistant Pastor and served Saint Joseph Parish until June 1973, when both he and Rev. Francis Menna, resident priest since June 1969, were changed.

Also, in June 1973, the newly ordained Rev. (later Msgr. and now Bishop)

Fr Deliman

Father Edward M. Deliman

Edward Deliman arrived as Assistant Pastor, and Rev. John B. DeMayo, then Archivist of the Archdiocese, arrived as resident priest.  Further adaptations and implementation of Vatican II were carried out, particularly in the areas of adult education, further emphasis on liturgy and lectors and song leaders and the establishment of a liturgical committee.

Fr McCafferty

Father Joseph F. McCafferty

Father DeMayo was reassigned in March 1976 (but he would later return as pastor in the late 1980’s) and was replaced by Rev. John Hummell who lived in residence at Saint Joseph until September 1977.  Father Deliman was reassigned in June 1977 after the arrival of Rev. William Small.  Rev. Joseph F. McCafferty, professor at Cardinal Dougherty High School, arrived as a resident priest in September 1977.  Father Small was changed and replaced by Rev. (now Msgr.) Ignatius Murray in September 1977.

Fr Murray

Father Ignatius L. Murray

Excerpts from the Saint Joseph Church, Cheltenham, Silver Jubilee Memorial Book
(written in 1978 by Rev. John B. DeMayo)

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