A Message from Father Harrison

Alleluia!   Alleluia!   Alleluia!

Happy Easter to everyone!  Now each of us must ask ourselves the question – “Has Easter changed us this year?  How has it changed us?  Or did it just slip by?”

Easter tells that world that we are part of a new life, a new life style, with new goals and strengths and vision.  It does not just speak of a day in the past when this Jesus rose from the dead, as though that were all that is involved in the celebration.  If that were the case, would there really be any reason for us to be excited about one man riding from the dead?  None!  We say that we are also part of His new Life – that we are united to Him, personally, not simply institutionally – that as St. Paul tells us that we already one with Him in glory.

How will we live that glory; how will we explain what that glory is; how will anyone else come to understand our new situation, our new life style – except that we act differently from what we were before Easter.  That is how we, human beings, communicate the most important thing about ourselves – by acting them out.  Our lives become the most basic and dynamic tools for telling someone else about what is happening in our hearts – not just a philosophy about life, but what is really occurring in the inmost recesses of our characters, what has begun to burn away the callous characterizations of others that have allowed us to ignore their needs or their human dignity, or that have caused us to consider our good more important than the good of others (…love your neighbor as yourself…).

All should see that we are changed and that the model of that alteration in Jesus, Himself.  Nothing short of that!  That is what Easter is all about.  If He were dead and gone, we could not be like Him.  But He is not dead!  He is alive!  Therefore, we can be united with Him in this life, and be like Him, and love like Him, and hold the needy in our arms like Him, and address the pain of others like Him, and embrace the rejected of the world like Him, and give hope to those cast to the periphery of life like Him.  We can do all things like Him because we live in Him!

That is Easter!  But is it happening in us?  During the corona virus troubles, we see the human condition as vulnerable – because of the sickness; but also powerful – in its ability to sacrifice for others.  Now, if we consciously keep Easter vibrant and active in our hearts and allow that life to grow throughout the course of our future, we will begin to see the real power of our Easter celebration – what the whole world can be like with Jesus!