Catholic Charities Appeal – A New Vision

ccaLogo16The Catholic Charities Appeal is the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s single most important annual fundraising initiative. For 2016 there is a new vision guiding the Catholic Charities Appeal. In addition to its traditional and vital work supporting the poorest and most disadvantaged, this year Catholic Charities is targeting virtually every aspect of Catholic life for enrichment and improvement. They are taking on a bigger challenge than ever before. The expanded case increases the goal by 50% from $10,000,000 to $15,000,000. Gifts to the Appeal help to fund a base of nearly 180 wide-ranging ministries, programs and supporting offices, from childcare to retirement living, from homelessness to growing the Church on college campuses.

In order to maintain adequate funding to ministries which received Catholic Charities funding in the past, up to $10 million will be reserved for their needs.

The Appeal’s beneficiaries are grouped into five key areas of focus:

  • Education
  • Social Services
  • Evangelization, Parish and Spiritual Life
  • Clergy
  • Mission Activities

So we ask you to look deep in your heart and be as generous as you can to help us reach our parish goal. We’re counting on your support!

To donate, or to learn more, visit  Thank you for your continuing generosity.