Called by Name

Called-By-Name-Logo_1aThe Archdiocese had instituted a new archdiocese-wide program to search out and influence men in parishes who might be thinking about a vocation to the priesthood.  As everyone knows, the number of priests available to serve in parish life is decreasing due to the aging process and the lack of interest on the part of eligible men.

This new program, Called by Name, starts with the parish.  If you know of a good Catholic man whom you think might make a good priest, write his name down and send it to the Parish Center or give it to Father Harrison.  The next step will be for Father Harrison to contact that individual and have a conversation with him.  Confidence will be maintained in the whole course of the effort, unless you have indicated that your name should be revealed.  This, hopefully, will be the first step in guiding that man toward ordination.

In the meantime, please pray that our young men and women will seek out the gift of discernment so that they will be able to determine for themselves the vocation in which God wants them to grow.  God willing, there will be more sisters, brothers, priests, married couples and single people who have discovered the great happiness of following the will of God for themselves and so many other people.