September 20: Catechetical Sunday 2015

Catechetical Sunday 2015This Sunday, September 20, at the 10am Mass, our parish will celebrate Catechetical Sunday when we will honor those who share in the evangelizing and teaching mission of the Church through a special rite of commissioning and blessing.

The following catechists will be commissioned to share the faith of the Church with the youth and children of our parish:

William Boyce
Cecilia Dang
Alan Duque
Katharin DiRosa
Kevin Dinh
Adena Harris
Jalia Harris
Carmelo Jacinto
Clemen Jacinto
Luz Loyola
Valerie Melecio
Ruth Nocero
Mary Russell

We thank each of you for showing us how to live our faith!  We thank you for giving the precious commodities of your time and talent to our CCD students for the 2015-16 school year!  We will be sure to pray for you during this academic year!

Refreshments will be served after Mass in honor of our devoted catechists.